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Pond Creation and Restoration

Client: Baylis Estate

Location: Bristol

Service: Habitat Restoration

Project Outline:

Pond creation and restoration plus sustainable drainage as part of pre-enabling works for developments at Cribbs Causeway Retail Park.

Pond Creation and Hedgerow Translocation

Pond creation and restoration

JPR undertook a number of planning requirements for Baylis Estates who own the land which is home to the Cribbs Causeway retail park. We were chosen for our expertise with protected species and experience with ecological works.

The pond works included clearing and reshaping the existing pond which was all but lost and creating a new pond on the site. Together, these ponds provide a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) for the development. This is an effective and environmentally friendly way to deal with all the water runoff from the site. Excess water is directed into a drain and taken away to minimise the risk of flooding. JPR do the regular maintenance of the ponds and a few years after the restoration and construction works, they are doing well.

Hedgerow translocation

The site had an important hedgerow that was in the way of the groundworks but need to be translocated so that its habitat could be retained. The hedgerow survived the translocation and is going well.

Project outcome

JPR aims to help clients and individuals enhance the natural environment so it has been great to see the old pond and hedgerow maintained and a new pond created. It was particularly satisfying to manage so much of the pre-construction phase from start to finish.

JPR’s management of the project meant the enabling works were completed on time and to budget which allowed the client to continue with their development plans.

“….very open and friendly approach to business, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.”

James Stanger, Project Manager, GVA Grimley commenting on JPR’s approach to the Cribbs Causeway project.

Services at JPR Environmental


We are experienced at creating well formed ecosystems with an aim of increasing biodiversity in an area.


We use multiply different methods for bank reconstruction and protection depending on project.


One of our core services involves designing, creating and maintaining wetland pond, lakes and reservoirs.


Enhancements is understanding that a location can house an environment and implementing it.


Desilting is the process of removing  silt, sludge and other materials that have deposited in the watercourse over time


Water treatment includes using reeds as part of the process in treating waste water and improving water treatment.

Habitat Creation

Erosion Control

Wetland Creation

Habitat Restoration


Water Treatment

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