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It's time for another update on our ongoing Stourton Castle Weir Fish Bypass Channel Project!

Here's a breakdown of the progress we've made...

Left: With the help of our excavator, we've carefully hoisted rolls of bentonite liner into position to unfurl them along the channel. This specialised liner, consists of layers of bentonite clay granules nestled between geotextile sheets. Once in place, the liner is embraced by subsoils, compacted using a sheep’s foot roller to ensure stability and effectiveness. To safeguard against water seepage, a minimum 300mm-deep covering layer is applied. As moisture from the ground triggers hydration, the bentonite granules expand, creating a secure and watertight seal that's essential for the channel's success.

Right: A completed section of our channel project, where the liner is neatly concealed beneath the soil, and river cobbles grace the channel's base. It's important that every level adheres precisely to the engineer's designs, ensuring the channel maintains the correct capacity, bank gradient, and fall. This alignment is essential for replicating natural conditions, allowing water to flow at the optimal speed and depth.


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