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Lake restoration: A win for waterways and wetlands alike!

Our team has undertaken vital lake restoration works on a privately owned lake for the past few months. The client’s desire to create a properly functioning lake that holds water without negatively impacting the brook from the outflow downstream presented a challenge which was further complicated by the extremely limited access and the need to keep the neighbours happy in regard to working hours and noise levels.

Another challenge was to keep all stakeholders happy – because a brook runs through the client’s site, it affects those downstream and therefore is of interest to the local authority as they have responsibilities for the brook once it leaves the client’s property. Striking a balance between the needs of all stakeholders was crucial to the successful completion of works.

Using the company’s ground working and project managing expertise meant we overcame all the challenges and completed the works withing the programme set out covering a range of objectives including vegetation and silt clearance, access creation, installation of a bentonite liner around the entire lake and the installation of an engineered outflow. The outflow in particular demonstrates that environmental restoration has the capacity to provide both functionality and biodiversity and looks good while doing it! The downstream neighbours are happy too as the restoration works mean that the brook is running more freely and is likely to keep running throughout the year (watch this space…)

Newly filled lake following restoration
Lake restoration

We look forward to seeing how this lake and surrounding areas look once it has fully revegetated next spring!

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