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Wetland Creation on a section of the River Lugg

JPR Environmental takes immense pride in playing a pivotal role in the restoration of this stretch of the River Lugg. This remarkable project, in collaboration with the Environment Agency's Biodiversity team, aims to reintroduce diversity and revive the river's natural meandering flow. And we couldn't be more thrilled to share the success story with you!

With our expertise in environmental solutions, JPR Environmental embarked on an incredible journey alongside the Biodiversity team. Together, we carefully designed and installed woody deflectors along specific sections of the river, strategically crafting a more naturalistic flow. These thoughtfully placed deflectors allow the river to gracefully wind within its boundaries, unlocking a world of possibilities for wildlife.

By introducing these deflectors, we have reinvigorated the river's energy, creating turbulence and engagement with the water. As a result, the riverbed has undergone a transformative process, forming pools and berms that beckon a diverse array of aquatic life. Fish species such as salmon, trout, and grayling are now drawn to this abundance, embracing the enhanced habitat that we have nurtured.

Our collaboration with the Biodiversity team was not without its challenges. We diligently balanced the river's functionality as a flood risk asset while breathing new life into its ecosystem. The successful outcome is a testament to our expertise and unwavering commitment to environmental preservation.

The highlight of this remarkable journey?

A spectacular salmon run! Witnessing these majestic fish navigate their way through the river, finding joy in the presence of our deflectors, filled us with immense pride. It reaffirmed the positive impact we have made in restoring the natural balance and vitality of the River Lugg.

Looking forward, we eagerly anticipate the emergence of the next generation. With the nurturing environment we have created, the fish fry will soon hatch from their gravel nests. Abundant pools and riffles will provide them with nourishment, paving the way for their remarkable journey back to the sea.

At JPR Environmental, we believe in the power of environmental restoration and its ability to harmonise functionality and biodiversity. Our partnership with the Environment Agency's Biodiversity team in the River Lugg project exemplifies our commitment to unlocking nature's potential.

Listen to one of the Environmental Agency partners talk more about the wetland creation on this section of the River Lugg:

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