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Sustainable Drainage Systems & Natural Flood Control

Natural systems can help with the control of water runoff and flooding

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) can be designed so that they slow water runoff before it enters watercourses by providing areas to store water, allowing it to soak into the ground or evaporate from the surface.  They are usually now part of all new developments.

Rural SuDS can help slow water during periods of high rainfall and prevent flooding.

SuDS can provide attractive, green spaces and allow development in areas where it would not normally be possible due to flooding.

JPR Environmental offers a complete SuDS design and construction service, from the initial planning to the groundwork and planting out. We will also undertake maintenance and renovation programmes for existing SuDS.

Whether it be creating a system for a new development or retrofitting a system into an established development, we can help.

We have retrofitted a sustainable drainage system on an established housing estate, installed a new system into a large fruit packing plant and developed a compost treatment system at the University of Bristol.

JPR Environmental is a founder member of the Constructed Wetlands Association, the professional body for organisations that design and build wetlands and reedbeds for water treatment.

SuDS in Cheltenham
SuDS design
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