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Creation Of Open Water

Client: Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

Location: Coventry

Service: Wetland Creation

Project Outline:

JPR were engaged by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust to increase the biodiversity of this well-used country park.

Pond construction for habitat creation

Lake View Park is in the middle of Coventry, in an urban area, and a great place for people to get close to wildlife. A river runs through the park which also forms part of the city’s flood plain – it will flood when there are periods of heavy rain. What the park lacked was open, still waters which are good for amphibians, dragonflies, damselflies, birds and invertebrates. 

JPR constructed 5 ponds in a low-lying area that will sometimes floods anyway – this means that the ponds will need no other water source than the rain and occasional flood waters from the river. It is an area of the park that is not so popular with visitors because it can be very wet underfoot. The beauty of creating ponds is that, unlike creating other habitat such as woodlands, insects and invertebrates will colonise surprisingly quickly – sometimes whilst work is underway. Within 6 to 12 months, a pond can look like it’s been there for generations.

The work went smoothly and the client is very happy with the result. Hopefully, the ponds will become a magnate for key species in the park; frogs and toads will use it for breeding along with several species of damsel and dragonfly. 

It is common for us to work with Wildlife Trusts and local councils on their habitat enhancement projects. Wildlife Trusts are often very good at formulating plans for habitat improvement, especially where people and wildlife can mix, and we can make those plans a reality on the ground.

Services at JPR Environmental


We are experienced at creating well formed ecosystems with an aim of increasing biodiversity in an area.


We use multiply different methods for bank reconstruction and protection depending on project.


One of our core services involves designing, creating and maintaining wetland pond, lakes and reservoirs.


Enhancements is understanding that a location can house an environment and implementing it.


Desilting is the process of removing  silt, sludge and other materials that have deposited in the watercourse over time


Water treatment includes using reeds as part of the process in treating waste water and improving water treatment.

Habitat Creation

Erosion Control

Wetland Creation

Habitat Restoration


Water Treatment

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