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Desilting & Vegetation Clearance

We can handle your pond and lake clearance

JPR Environmental has been trusted since 2000 to manage, create and restore water bodies in the UK

We have the skills, experience and specialist equipment to remove silt and aquatic vegetation that has built up over time in lakes, ponds, rivers and ditches.

See below for a full list of the desilting, dredging and clearance services we offer.

What we do

We use the best methods to preserve water quality.

We are adept at making sure any desilting works have the minimum impact on surrounding fauna and flora.

Keeping silt onsite can save money!

We aim to keep any removed silt on site as it greatly reduces costs and vehicle movements.  Silt can also create a valuable soil material once it is dewatered.


We can clear aquatic vegetation

In addition to desilting and dredging, we can remove any aquatic vegetation such as reeds, weeds, algae etc. to help make your waterscape beautiful again...

Our services

We have a variety of equipment including an amphibious machine, the Truxor T50, to carry out clearance works.  We will also clear waterbodies manually if the job requires it.  We carry out the following:

Ponds and lakes:

  • Creating and maintaining habitats for aquatic wildlife

  • Control of invasive plant species

  • Silt removal to maintain water quality

  • Maintaining irrigation canals and fish ponds

  • Enhancing water circulation for fish and plant health

  • Clearing vegetation and maintaining water quality in aquaculture operations

  • Algae and weed removal

  • Clearing debris and leaves

  • Enhancing water quality and aesthetics

Golf course lakes and ponds:

  • Aquatic weed control

  • Removal of reeds and bulrushes

  • Silt pumping and dredging to maintain water quality and depth

  • General lake and pond maintenance

Wetland Restoration:

  • Excavation and shaping of wetland areas

  • Planting and maintenance of wetland vegetation

  • Restoration of natural water flow

Flood Control:

  • Dredging and deepening of watercourses and channels

  • Clearing vegetation to prevent blockages

  • Mitigating flood risks in vulnerable areas

We can help make your pond or lake better for wildlife and people so contact us today.

Wetland habitat maintenance
Wetland habitat maintenance

Solve your desilting issues today

What is siltation & why is desilting important?

Soil washed down stream or migrating from banks or leaf litter can build up in a pond or lake.

As waste matter increases, it can be colonised by plants and even small trees and scrub.  Silted up ponds and lakes can become stagnant, smelly and even increase the risk of flooding.

When waters become too shallow or polluted with mud, silt and organic detritus (such as leaf litter), mechanical silt removal may be required.

Lake desilting is essential for maintaining a healthy wildlife lake.  When we undertake a desilting project, we make sure that all the methods we use are cost-effective & ecologically friendly. We do this by using up-to-date plant & equipment operated by trained and experienced operators.

Desilting can have long lasting negative effects on the environment if left untreated.  For example, it can affect fish spawning grounds, make riverbank unstable and can release harmful chemicals into the water which adversely effects the wildlife and water quality.


Before we undertake any desilting work, we make the necessary steps to reduce any impact on the surrounding environment and habitats.

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