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Pond Clearance

Client: Birmingham Wildlife Trust

Location: Birmingham

Service: Desilting

Project Outline:

Desilting and pond clearance work for Birmingham Wildlife Trust in order to improve the view, and the wildlife habitat areas.

Desilting works on ditches & ponds

The Birmingham & Black Country Wildlife Trust had a site with a large population of Great Crested Newts and wanted to improve the wetland habitat for them.

JPR Environmental undertook some pond clearance for the trust. In addition to desilting a number of ponds and ditches, we also created a new pond, lined with bentonite liner, for the newts. 

The project was funded by Higher Level Stewardship funds (HLS).

Services at JPR Environmental


We are experienced at creating well formed ecosystems with an aim of increasing biodiversity in an area.


We use multiply different methods for bank reconstruction and protection depending on project.


One of our core services involves designing, creating and maintaining wetland pond, lakes and reservoirs.


Enhancements is understanding that a location can house an environment and implementing it.


Desilting is the process of removing  silt, sludge and other materials that have deposited in the watercourse over time


Water treatment includes using reeds as part of the process in treating waste water and improving water treatment.

Habitat Creation

Erosion Control

Wetland Creation

Habitat Restoration


Water Treatment

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