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Wetland Creation

What is involved?

Do you need to create a pond or lake, scrape or reedbed?

Here at JPR Environmental, our expert staff are experienced in aiding you to achieve your project goals whilst protecting and enhancing the environment.

We have been operating throughout the UK for over 20 years specialising in a variety of projects, many of which are based around wetland creation and management. 

What's included?

Our wetland projects have included: 


Why are wetlands so important?

Wetland engineering is all about improving the quality of wetlands, rivers and streams. By understanding the biology, we can adapt any wetland environment to enhance and utilise it to create a more efficient, fruitful habitat. 

Wetland environments can also be vital components of trapping greenhouse gasses and mitigating some of the effects of climate change when managed correctly. 

Here at JPR, we can design, construct and maintain wetlands from ponds and lakes to reedbeds and entire nature reserves for habitat creation and wildlife mitigation.

Start a wetland project now

What can we help with?

  • Take your project from the original concept through to design and construction

  • Undertake the construction ourselves or supervise earthwork contractors

  • Provide ecological services through our trusted partners where there are wildlife or protected species considerations

  • Supply aquatic and marginal plants and offer a planting service

  • Provide competitive, fixed quotes

  • Assess existing wetlands and write management plans that give the maximum benefit to existing wildlife

  • Provide ongoing, practical management or supervise local contractors to undertake conservation tasks in a manner that is sensitive to the environment

  • Provide desilting and dredging services for ponds and lakes including soil testing, excavation, removal of materials and planting.

  • Re-profile lake banks to prevent erosion and create wetland habitat

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