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Re-Profiling For Lake Banks

We provide re-profiling for lake banks to enhance the environment. 
A watercourse can cause erosion on a bank and re-profiling can lessen that erosion.  For instance, re-profiling can create habitat for aquatic plants and the species that thrive on them.

Silt curtain protection

Working at the edge of lakes disturbs silt which in turn can create problems for aquatic wildlife.  Because of this, we use curtains to keep the spread of silt to a minimum.

The works are part of a project to deliver the Nutrient Management Plan within the River Lugg system.  Firstly, they consist of the delivery of re-profiling works at Bodenham Lake Nature Reserve.  We have planted and established 3 areas of common reed (Phragmites australis) within the perimeter of Bodenham Lake

We have moved a large amount of earth to create channels and small ponds on the edge of the lake in 3 separate areas.  In addition, we have installed a silt curtain around each area as excavation works were underway.  This has minimised the impact of the works.  It was a challenge to ensure that the curtain was in the correct place and stayed in place whilst works were underway.  However, it has worked well.

The lake is already attracting a variety of wildlife including otter and a number of different waders.


We are proud to work on this collaborative project with Herefordshire Wildlife Trust and WWT Consulting, in addition to using our trusted contractor Landwell Ltd.

Bodenham Lake Bank Re-Profiling
Silt Curtain Installation
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