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Barford Water Treatment

Water treatment & reedbeds

What can we do?

Do you need to treat wastewater in an environmentally friendly way?

If you need to treat wastewater in an environmentally friendly way, JPR can help.  We construct, refurbish and maintain water treatment systems and reedbeds that conform to discharge consents from bodies such as the Environment Agency and National Resources Wales.


We work on a variety of sites from visitor centres to timber yards and food processing plants.


Our water treatment systems can also create important habitat for wildlife as well as enhancing the aesthetics of a site.

We have been operating throughout the UK for over two decades, specialising in water treatment and wetland management.

What can we do?

JPR are specialists in the installation of constructed wetlands including reedbed treatment systems to clean water and maintain water level controls.  These wetlands create habitat for a variety of wetland species. 


We have specialist machinery plus the skills and experience to work effectively and safely creating water treatment systems.

We can provide:

  • Constructed wetlands

  • Reedbed treatment systems

  • Reedbed refurbishment

  • Maintenance - regular or one-off

  • Full planting services

  • Water level controls

  • Water testing and reporting on water quality


When properly designed, constructed wetlands can harness natural processes to breakdown organic matter in wastewater.  If the system is gravity driven, it has the added advantage of needing minimal energy input.  Maintenance requirements are generally low and we can provide a full service of water testing and regular maintenance for our clients.

Ask JPR Environmental for help with your constructed wetlands project

How are reedbeds involved?

Increasingly, reedbeds are being used to treat water from urban drainage. Many water companies are using reedbeds as a final polishing treatment in sewer systems but they can also be used to treat water run-off and washings from, for example, fruit packing plants.

JPR Environmental offers a complete reedbed construction service for clients, from the initial planning to the groundwork and planting out. We also undertake reedbed maintenance, reedbed refurbishment and reedbed renovation work. Whether it be creating a reedbed for biodiversity, using reeds as the final process in treating wastewater or improving an existing reedbed, we can help. 

We have extensive experience with:

If you are considering a constructed wetland treatment system or you have an existing reedbed that is not functioning as well as it once was, do get in contact.

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