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Reedbed Maintainence

Reeds (Phagmites australis) have always created valuable wildlife habitat.
Increasingly, reedbeds are being used to treat water from urban drainage. Many water companies are using reedbeds as a final polishing treatment in sewer systems but they can also be used to treat water run-off and washings from, for example, fruit packing plants.

JPR Environmental offers a complete reedbed design and construction service for commercial clients, from the initial planning to the groundwork and planting out. We also undertake reedbed maintenance, reedbed refurbishment and reedbed renovation work.

Whether it be creating a reedbed for biodiversity, using reeds as the final process in treating waste water or improving an existing reedbed, we can help.

JPR Environmental also supplys quality pot grown reeds (Phragmites australis) in a range of sizes from 60 cc plugs to half litre pots.

We have extensive experience with:

If you are considering a reedbed treatment system or you have an existing reedbed that is not functioning as well as it once was, do get in touch.

Reedbeds for Biodiversity
Reedbed Maintainence
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