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Habitat Restoration

What does it mean?

Our passion and specialist area of restoration is wetlands.

At JPR Environmental, our passion and specialist area of restoration is wetlands.  Rivers, wetlands and estuarine habitats are extremely important for supporting biodiversity and for carbon capture as well as providing beautiful habitats for people to enjoy.


For our clients, we restore habitats as part of conservation projects, biodiversity net gain offsetting, site-based mitigation or even as part of an enforcement notice.  We can undertake works that are aiming to create a particular area of habitat or that are targeting a particular species.

Habitat Restoration projects...

Best known for our wetland restoration projects, we have restored Lakes such  as Bodenham Lake where we reprofiled the edges to create shallow, marginal areas of reedbed habitat and modelled the islands within the lake to provide protection for ground-nesting and wading birds.  We have also restored an old water meadow on a farm using HLS funding. 

We have provided restoration work in the form of bank revetment on the side of rivers and brooks.  On coastal areas, we have restored wet scrapes as part of the National Trust’s Dynamic Dunescapes and have worked on their coastal sites in Formby and Studland.


Specifically, we can provide the following services:

  • Habitat restoration

  • Wetland restoration

  • Natural flood management

  • Biodiversity net gain

  • Bank revetment

  • Constructed wetlands

  • Invasive species control

  • Habitat translocation

We have worked to restore habitat for wetland, marginal wetland plants, reeds, ground-nesting birds, wading birds, great crested newts, natterjack toads, white-clawed crayfish, water voles and many more.


On a site where there are invasive species, we can also provide a full management and control programme to contain or irradicate the species such as Japanese Knotweed.


Over the past two decades, JPR Environmental have developed a knowledge base and an experience team plus the skills and equipment to provide help from design through to construction and ongoing management – we will always focus on a nature-based solution.


Contact us today to discuss your project with a specialist.

If you are considering a habitat project for your land, then be sure to check out the information we have put together on the various funding sources available.

Improve your current environments with JPR

The benefits of restoration

Habitat restoration can provide benefits by increasing the diversity of habitats for species to thrive.  This is particularly relevant on rivers that have been straightened in the past where the current thinking is to create curves and meanders​.

Restoration projects can be small scale and simple from building debris dams to reduce flow rates and encourage seasonal flooding to large-scale habitat creation projects.

Wetland restoration can improve habitats for rare wildlife, protecting streams and rivers from erosion, helping to manage flood risk and increasing resilience to drought.

Let us help you with your restoration project, contact us today.

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