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Wetland Landscape Maintenance 

The staff at JPR Environmental have many years’ experience designing, creating, reprofiling, desilting and maintaining wetlands.  We have the skills, plant, and equipment to undertake a whole range of wetland landscaping tasks.

We are often called on to assist other landscaping and estate management companies who have ponds, lakes and sustainable drainage systems (SuDs) to maintain.  These companies may have experience working on dry land but not the skills, equipment, or procedures to work in water.

For example, at JPR, we can clear aquatic vegetation quickly in a safe and efficient way – removing the need to use herbicide and reducing the need for a lot of labour.  We use amphibious excavators and our Truxor T50 for vegetation management but we can also organise teams to pull vegetation by hand if necessary.

For several clients, we have regular, ongoing contracts to maintain:

We own equipment such as the Truxor T50 – an amphibious machine specifically designed to work in water.  Our staff are well versed in writing working methodologies for safe working near water.  As a company, we can help our clients to gain Environment Agency consent where it is needed for projects along watercourses.

Get in contact and see if we can help with your wetland maintenance project.

Wetland habitat maintenance

Truxor T50

Manually pulling reedbeds

Hand pulling reed as part of summer pond maintenance

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