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Vegetation Clearance

We provide vegetation clearance as part of site preparation works and particularly when protected species are present.
Our area of expertise is where environmental considerations are important.  We will find the right vegetation clearance solution for you, dependent on your site and budget.

We have cleared and translocated hedgerows for our clients as well as removed and mulched mature trees.  Our teams can use hand tools to tackle sensitive sites.  We have tracked machines which cause the minimum of ground impact but can provide great cost and time-saving efficiences for our clients.

We invest in plant and machinery, hand tools and most importantly, training to ensure that our staff can clear sites quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Our experience with protected species and investment in equipment that can be used with as little harm to the environment as possible, means that we can be employed where environmental considerations are paramount.

Other Services we offer:

Cannock Tree Clearance
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