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Types Of Fencing

Slow Worm Fencing

We can offer professionally installed fencing to provide protection for adders, slow worms & other protected reptiles.

Badger Fencing

Badger Fencing is a wire mesh fence, specifically designed to prevent penetration by badgers. If it is necessary for you to exclude badgers from areas of your development to fulfill your planning conditions, we can provide the fencing.

Post and Rail Fencing

Timber post and rail is ideal for traditional farm fencing. It is an iconic sight in the British landscape, both attractive and functional.

Newt Fencing

We can offer temporary, semi-permanent and permanent newt fencing which is a general term for the barrier used to keep newts (usually great crested newts) away from specific areas of development.

Deer Fencing

We provide effective and safe, heavy duty fencing to keep deers out of your development projects.

Tree Protection Fencing

Tree Protection Fencing is used for development projects where trees must be preserved in the area and we can provide you with the right product.

Slow Worm Fencing

JPR Environmental Contractors specialise in wetlands and habitats, covering wetland creation, erosion control, landscape enhancements and water treatment. Since 2000 we have worked on projects large and small with a clear eye on the environment, supporting wildlife and the habitat landscape through our dedicated team.

Do you need to fulfill planning conditions before you can start your development?

Our slow-worm fencing services cover all stages of habitat isolation projects.  First of all, we can mark out the fenceline in addition to installing the fencing and refugia mats to trap and translocate the slow-worms.  Furthermore, we will undertake ongoing fence maintenance and finally, we will undertake the removal of fencing.

Are you an ecologist or developer who needs to install slow-worm fencing?

Our staff are qualified and experienced so we have been instructed by both ecologists and developers to deal with protected species mitigation work.  We can work with an ecological clerk of works or our staff can be trusted on site to deal with any protected species issues that may arise.

We principally employ a compact trencher on slow-worm fence installations. As a result, this minimises the potential impact on resident slow worm populations.  While we use a mini digger on sites with rougher ground when appropriate, we can also dig lengths manually where there is a particular sensitivity.

Types of Slow-worm Fencing

JPR Environmental offers the full range of fencing specifications from temporary sheet and post to semi-permanent 1mm plastic panels and sheet and permanent HDPE planels.  We can supply and install all brands of amphibian and reptile fencing according to our clients’ requirements. We can also supply and install a lifetime guaranteed, galvanised steel system.

Slow Worm
Slow Worm on site

Badger Fencing

Using a post knocker to install the stakes for badger fencing.

If it is necessary for you to exclude badgers from areas of your development to fulfill your planning conditions, we can provide the fencing.  We can also create artificial badger setts to relocate badgers to a different part of your site or offsite altogether.

We have a range of equipment including a post knocker, which enables us to install badger fencing and other types of fencing quickly and safely.

Badger Cam
Post and Rail Fencing

If you need a fence to demark an area of your site such as along a public footpath, we have the equipment and experience to provide attractive post and rail fencing.

We have the staff, equipment and experience to take care of your fencing needs – call us on 01453 708804 or email us if you need a quote to install fencing.

Post and Rail Fencing
Newt Fencing

Great crested newts and their habitat are protected by law, we can erect newt fencing if it needs to be installed on a site in order to fulfil planning conditions. Usually fencing will need to be installed to the specifications of a licence issued by Natural England (or another statutory body in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland). with specifications being approved by an ecologist.

Using experienced newt fence installers means that you can be confident that the fencing will be suitable to adhere to the licence requirements.

Deer Fencing

We can erect deer control fencing using galvanised steel wire or a lightweight hexagonal wire netting. 


Depending on your geographical location and the type of deer you are trying to protect your land from, we have several options. We can provide fencing heights which will stop all types of deer including red and fallow.


We can also provide deer fencing which is ideal to exclude other browsing animals such as rabbits and hares. 

Tree Protection Fencing

All the fencing is fully compliant with BS 5837, which are the regulations governing trees in relations construction. The fences consist of a large scaffold framework with weld mesh panels attached to it, and the general principle is that the fence then protects the trees and the root protection zones during construction.

Typically, we’ll be working for developers all over the country delivering this service. The tree protection fencing serves several purposes. It doesn’t just protect the trees, it also acts as the main site security fence, keeping public access to a minimum. It can also protect other fencing during construction as well.

We are experienced installers of tree protection fencing and can provide:

  • installation to British Standard BS 5837

  • a purchased or rental option for fencing materials

  • removal of fencing as necessary

  • tree protection fencing that doubles as site secruity fencing to save time and money for developers

Tree Protection
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