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Discover the unmatched versatility of the Truxor T50

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

What is the Truxor T50?

The Truxor T50 is a versatile, amphibious machine that can perform a variety of wetland landscaping tasks with minimal impact on the environment.

What can the Truxor T50 do for you?

With one piece of equipment and multiple attachments we can manage aquatic vegetation on lakes, ponds, rivers, and canals. Specifically, we can undertake:

· Aquatic weed cutting and removal

· Reedbed management

· Reed harvesting

· Pump dredging

· Desilting of lakes and ponds

JPR Environmental can carry out all the tasks above or provide you with a Truxor T50 and trained operator on a day rate to work under your direction.

What are the advantages?

The Truxor is manoeuvrable and has a multitude of uses. It is light, stable, easy to transport and extremely safe to operate. Using the Truxor means there is little or no need to use herbicides (it is always preferable to limit the use of herbicides near water and will sometimes be an Environment Agency requirement to use none).

This machine reduces the need for labour and is ideal for areas where access is limited.

See our team testing out it's capabilities below:

Truxor specifications

Here at JPR, we are proud to utilise the extraordinary capabilities of the Truxor T50—a revolutionary addition to our machinery line-up.

Equipped with a robust 58.6 horsepower diesel engine, the Truxor T50 complies with the highest environmental class standards, EU Stage V and EPA Tier 4.

With its advanced hydraulic system, the Truxor T50 enables us to seamlessly execute tasks, elevating our efficiency and productivity to unprecedented levels. We have experienced first-hand how this remarkable equipment enhances our work processes, allowing us to deliver superior results.

The Truxor T50 has been specifically designed to thrive in wetland environments, and its exceptional performance capabilities are evident even at a modest 1400 rpm. We have witnessed its remarkable power output, which not only maximises fuel efficiency but also minimises noise levels, creating a more environmentally friendly and user-friendly experience for our team.


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