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Truxor on Golf Courses

How can the Truxor help your golf course?

The Truxor T50 emerges as an indispensable solution for maintaining pristine ponds on golf courses. Its unmatched versatility and efficiency make it the ideal tool for effortlessly clearing debris, enhancing both aesthetics and playability. With its precision and power, the Truxor T50 ensures that golf course ponds remain not just a scenic focal point but also a reflection of impeccable course management.

Our Truxor boasts a diverse array of attachments, designed to cater to the unique needs of your golf course:

  • Aquatic Weed Cutting: Ensuring pristine water features

  • Reed and Bulrush Control: Managing the course's aesthetic and ecological integrity

  • Silt Pumping and Dredging: Enhancing water quality

  • Lake and Pond Maintenance: Sustaining the beauty and functionality of these key elements

The Truxor's light touch and minimal ground pressure prove indispensable in preserving the landscape's natural beauty. On golf courses, where delicate banks and sensitive areas abound, the Truxor shines, reducing the risk of damage caused by bulkier machinery. Its efficiency also means less interruption for your course and valued members.

Truxor Specifications:

Total Length - Max. 5030mm, Min. 4700mm

Weight - 1470kg

Hydraulic Power - 26 kW/35hk

Battery - 12V/150 Amp, 60 ah battery

Torque - Max 185 Nm

Driving Speed - 0-100m/min

Spill Safety - Environmentally friendly system

Diesel Tank - 35l

Download the full spec sheet on the Truxor T50

Why chose Truxor:
Our decision to adopt the Truxor was driven by its remarkable advantages. Unlike traditional heavy machinery, the Truxor is lightweight and incredibly maneuverable. This eco-conscious choice allows us to execute our work with precision, minimizing disruptions to the delicate ecological balance of your golf course.

One of the standout features of the Truxor is its adaptability, eliminating the need for specialised equipment. We can seamlessly transition from trailer to water, streamlining our operations and saving you time and resources.

Download the factfile for using the Truxor on golf courses

Golf Course with Lake
Image by Courtney Cook
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