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Erosion Control Solutions

Client: Undisclosed

Location: Milton Keynes

Service: Erosion Control

Project Outline:

Find a solution to prevent erosion on a public footpath using natural materials - in this case, live willow and coir.

The placement of a willow and coir revetment to prevent the erosion of a public footpath

The client wanted an erosion control solution that could be installed along a footpath that was eroding but was also in an area that is inaccessible to heavy machinery.  Traditional willow spiling was not suitable in this location so we came up with a revetment that consisted of live willow, soil and coir netting.

Due to the inaccessible nature of the site, it was necessary to transport soil in stages using a tracked barrow. The terraced revetment was created with topsoil and scalpings, held together in coir netting and sandwiched between live willow rods. The top of the bank was seeded with grass seed and the area fenced with post and rail fencing.

The bank will eventually grow and be more in keeping with the vegetation along the rest of the path and the willow cuttings will push their roots into the bank and help to hold the soil together, preventing further erosion.

The solution is natural, low-cost and effective.  The revetment should hold in that location on the bend of the river and need minimal ongoing maintenance. The path will be protected for users in the future. 

We have a number of erosion control solutions including willow spiling, coir rolls and combination solutions using stone. They are ideal where sites are inaccessible or where there is a need to keep maintenance to a minimum and solutions looking natural. Plus, natural erosion control solutions are often a fraction of the cost of hard landscaping solutions.

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