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Erosion Control

Client: Private client

Location: Winchcombe

Service: Erosion Control

Project Outline:

Erosion control with rock roll installation and bank stabilisation. Reducing land erosion by a stream on private property.

Erosion control with rock roll installation and bank stabilisation

In this project, our primary goal was to address the issue of land erosion along a stream that runs through a property. The client sought an effective and aesthetically pleasing solution that would withstand the test of time. One of the significant challenges we faced was the limited access to the site, making it impossible to use large machinery for the project. We carefully considered various solutions, such as willow spiling, but concluded that they were unsuitable due to the narrow stream and the potential for overly vigorous plant growth.

Ultimately, we decided on a rock roll installation as the most suitable erosion control measure that could accommodate the site's restricted access. This choice aligned with a neighbouring property where our company, JPR, had successfully implemented a similar erosion control solution the previous year.

To overcome the access challenge, we collaborated with the landowner of the adjacent fields and used a low-ground pressure vehicle to transport the necessary rock rolls to the site. The client expressed a strong desire for erosion control along the entire length of the streambank, so we installed the rock rolls across a 20m stretch, covering the area prone to erosion while allowing for buffer zones on both sides. A total of just under 10 tonnes of rock rolls were stacked four high along the bank. Additional gravel was compacted behind each roll to ensure that the bank remained stable and prevented any potential openings behind the rolls.

The installation was designed with a slight incline leading away from the water. This approach enhanced both the structural stability of the installation and its overall effectiveness in preventing erosion. Metal anchors were securely fastened to the bank to further ensure the rolls' stability and to prevent potential slippage in the future.

Notably, this erosion control method proved to be a cost-effective alternative to hard engineering solutions. It also offered a more natural aesthetic compared to methods like sheet piling, which would have been challenging to install on this site and would have looked out of place.

In conclusion, our solution provided the property owner with an effective and long-lasting method to combat erosion while preserving the property's aesthetic appeal. The rock roll installation not only met the project's objectives but also aligned with the landowner's desire for a solution that would stand the test of time.

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