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Flex MSE Vegetated Wall Solution

Flex MSE bags can be used as an effective erosion control solution.  They are particularly useful on banks were access might be difficult and can often be installed quickly.

We have used this sytem to alleviate erosion on brooks and streams where the wave action is undercutting the bank and where the top of the bank needed to be protected such as for a footpath or road.

Flex MSE is just one form of erosion control but can be a useful way of establishing particular plant species and creating a natural solution to bank slippage.

Excavation is often unnecessary when installing Flex MSE which is particularly useful if acces is difficult.  Typically, installation requires:

  • digging a bag-width trench at the bottom of the bank to lay the first line of bags

  • filling the first line of bags with a free-draining gravel (if the installation is next to water)

  • laying Flex MSE plates along the joints of the first layer of bags and a second layer

  • filling bages with a coarse sand/soil mix

  • sewing grass seed on top of the bags to aid vegetation establishment

Works will usually require the minimum of hand tools and bags can be filled on site and placed directly into the required area. After just one year of growing, bags will start to be covered by vegetation and within a few years, they can disappear completely under a natural cover of plants.

Erosion control solutions

Flex MSE is just one of the natural, erosion control solutions we offer.  We also provide live willow spiling, combined solutions and river engineering.

Flex MSE Wall complete
Laying Flex MSE wall
Flex MSE Vegetated Wall
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