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Site Preparation

If you have a site that you need to prepare for development, JPR Environmental can offer the full range of pre-enabling works.

Our particular area of expertise is where environmental considerations are important.  We will find the right solution for you, dependent on your site and budget.

We have experience of working as both the principal contractor and as a subcontractor. We can implement construction phase plans and all our staff have the relevant CSCS qualifications. We are committed to training and developing our team and we are fully protected with public liability, employer’s liability and professional indemnity insurance.

As a company, we invest in new plant and equipment if it will make our work for clients more efficient both in terms of time and money.  We have recently purchase a new tracked loader, the Norcar; this is particularly useful on sites where clearance needs to be done quickly but where there is a consideration for protected species or nesting birds. The Norcar exerts as little ground pressure as a person but can clear up to 10 times the amount of vegetation in the same amount of time. The Avant is also very useful for vegetation clearance and also for moving materials and other plant around site.

We can clear and translocate hedges which can be very useful for clients when there is a particular need to protect a hedgerow or clear it sensitively.

Services offered include:

Site Preparation at Filey
Excavation Works
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